2nd Annual Spring 2002!
Friday, April 12th, 2002 and
Saturday, April 13th, 2002

Many thanks to all 160 dancers that attended Spring Swing 2002. You rock! Not only was it our best dance event yet, it was also our biggest.

We awarded $1100 cash to our competitors. In addition, we awarded 24 trophies. Please congratulate the following dancers the next time you see them...

Spring Swing! 2002 Competition Results...

Amateur Hustle Jack & Jill:
3rd Place: Dennis Haydanka (OH) & Kathy Boukis (OH)
2nd Place: Basim Abdelnour (MI) & Karen Keiser (MI)
1st Place: Tom Pogros (MI) & Kathy Dreifort (OH)

Amateur West Coast Swing Jack & Jill:
3rd Place: Ernie Virden (OH) & Judy Mobley (MI)
2nd Place: Jesse Cremer (OH) & Melissa Mackiewicz (OH)
1st Place: Paul Roderick (OH) & Cathy Dreifort (OH)

Open Hustle Jack & Jill:
3rd Place: Cary Pettie (IN) & Jennifer Lyons (RI)
2nd Place: Jamey Pietrowiak (WI) & Katy Fineman (IN)
1st Place: Paul Cameron (IL) & Maren Oslac (IL)

Open West Coast Swing Jack & Jill
3rd Place: Glen Gulick (MI) & Julie Gubb (MI)
2nd Place: Ron Mathis (FL) & Rose Myers (OH)
1st Place: Cary Pettit (IN) & Joann Podleski (MI)

Invitational Strictly Swing
3rd Place: Jason Barnes (MN) & Erica Todd (MN)
2nd Place: Jamey Pietrowiak (WI) & Jennifer Lyons (RI)
1st Place: Mike Topel (WI) & Tera Vitale (MI)

Invitational West Coast Swing Jack & Jill
3rd Place: Fred Price (OH) & Maren Oslac (IL)
2nd Place: Jason Barnes (MN) & Angie Horkman (IL)
1st Place: Jim Minty (WA) & Erica Todd (MN)

I would also like to thank my fellow event directors Becky Larson & Jason Marker, our teaching staff Jason Barnes, Fred & Tina Price, Mike Topel, and Tera Vitale, our helpers Jeff & Tera Vitale, Ann Marie Belanger, our head judge Bob Budzynski, our main judges Richard Cooper, Dawn Bagley, and Beverly Budzynski, and our part time judges (too many to list), R & C Master Dance Floors, Ron Mathis, Cherry Taylor & the floor crew, and all the other people who helped with various tasks, and last but not least, our DJ's DJ JZone, DJ Fred Price, DJ Bob Budzynski, DJ Mike Topel, DJ Jason Marker, and DJ Timothy Michael.

Much time and effort was put in by the Spring Swing 2002 staff and volunteer helpers. Thank you for your hard work and extra efforts making Spring Swing 2002 an event to remember. Your hard work allowed us to stay on time and to provide over 10 hours of social dance time during the weekend in addition to all the scheduled dance competitions and performances. Your extra efforts helped us add an Invitational Jack & Jill and a DJ Spin-off to the event on Saturday night.

If you were unable to attend, consider reading some comments we recieved from dancers that attended Spring Swing 2002 to get an idea of how things went.

Mike Topel; Fred & Tina Price

DJ Timothy Michael, MC Marker, Jeff & Tera Vitale, MC B, Jason Barnes

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 1st Annual Spring Swing! 2001


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