Theme Spring Swing!(tm) Dance

The theme - Spring Swing!™ 2002 - is somewhat flexible, it's a swing dance with variety. For variety, we play a few non-swing dances occasionally, such as two-step, night club two step, cha-cha, and waltz. With a heavy focus on the slower swing dances such as Carolina Shag, DC Hand Dancing and West Coast Swing, we will also play a few of the faster swing dances such as Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Jive, or Jitterbug. Most West Coast Swing music lends itself very well to Hustle so you can expect that there will be lots of hustle dancing going on as well. The mix of swing dances varies at each dance since we cater to our guests. People of all levels are welcomed in a friendly way.

We provide freindly, professional dance instructors who teach solid basics, sizzling intermediate moves, and super cool advanced material.

Dance Fanatics DJ Timothy Michael plays all requests in which he has the music (and the request is within the theme). If he doesn't have the music requested, he puts the request on his list of music to audition. For more variety, guest DJ's will also spin the dance tunes.

The experienced dancers inspire the beginning dancers. Everyone has a good time. People leave our dances tired.

For more information, please email or phone DJ Timothy Michael
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