Wanna Dance? Want a fun night out? Want to meet some great people? Come join the FUN!

All skill levels are welcome from the absolute beginner to the advanced dancer. Bringing a partner is completely optional. Singles and couples are equally welcome.

Our beginning lessons are designed for those who have never danced before and for those who want to take their dancing to a higher level.

We encourage dancers to change partners frequently. If you prefer to take lessons with a friend and refrain from switching, that's fine too.

Our beginning classes feature a small collection of moves that will become the foundation of your West Coast Swing. These foundation moves are covered over a period of several weeks. When we finish covering these moves, we start again.

Our fun lessons feature professional instruction. Learn solid basics, sizzling intermediate moves and advanced technique.

Our intermediate lessons build upon the basic moves, however, the basic moves themselves are not taught. For those of you who are still learning your basics and eager to learn more, we welcome you to take our intermediate lessons with a friend and suggest that you refrain from switching partners.

We are looking forward to sharing our love of dance with you!

The experienced dancers inspire the beginning dancers. Everyone has a good time.

Masks are welcome. Vaccination is encouraged.

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