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We provide state of the art pro audio equipment featuring Mackie speakers and mixers. We own eight powered speakers and a pair of powered subwoofers for a tremendously powerful, crystal clear sound.

For extra WOW, we offer a professional uplighting system featuring 18 HEX LED RGBAW+UV fixtures, a lighting controller with 18 custom lighting scenes plus a wireless remote.

Years of study in music, science, physics and engineering help me understand sound and how to place speakers for optimum sound quality.

With 8 adjustable stands, we can positioning the speakers just right. We provide a custom setup for each event to maximise sound quality.

We own 4 identical and claerly labeled mixers to make it easy for everyone on your event staff.
A pair of Mackie Studio Monitors is available as an option. These incredibly accurate speakers are normally used in professional recording studios for mastering CDs and movie soundtracks. We use them in the DJ booth to monitor event sound. With the sound in the DJ booth being an accurate representation of what is heard by the audience, it's easy for each DJ to keep the microphone mix and sound levels just right for the entire event.
We have two Pioneer professional dual CD players with pitch control available. These top of the line units are so easy to use that your DJ’s will get up to speed with them fast. These units have a dedicated headphone jack and volume control allowing easy previewing.
The system also includes a pair of Samson wirless headset mics with micro transmitters and a pair of Shure wireless headset microphones with bodypack transmitters. We also have a pair of Shure handheld wireless microphones for your MCs to use. All six wireless microphones operate on different VHF frequencies so that all 6 wireless microphones can all be used simultaneously. Our Mackie mixers have plenty of inputs allowing all 6 of these microphones to work well simultaneously. We also have wired mics for vocals and instruments.

Our system is scalable from small receptioms to extra large receptions. Every event is custom to your specifications.

We can easily configure smaller pro audio systems for smaller rooms.

There is one thing we can’t do with our sound system — we can’t find anything to upgrade.

Tim 'DJ TJ' Johnson

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