Code of Conduct & Dance Etiquette

Fun, friendly and safe
Let's all work together to make the dance community a fun, friendly and safe place where everyone can enjoy learning, visiting and dancing. Should you experience any inappropriate behavior, please reach out to our staff so we can help. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who violates our code of conduct.

Preparing for lessons and dancing
Be fresh and clean when you start. Please keep in mind that some of us have fragrance sensitivity that can cause allergy-like symptoms. Fresh breath is appreciated. If you perspire a lot, it might be a good idea to bring a towel and one or more clean shirts. Any cuts or wounds should be properly bandaged.

Group dance lessons
If you have any questions, please ask the instructor. Please focus on your own lead/follow rather than your partner's. If someone other than the instructor is correcting you, it's OK to ask them to please be quiet so you can hear the teacher.

Rotating partners in group lessons
Switching partners helps dancers learn to adjust to different partners. Couples, if you prefer not to switch partners, that's OK too.

The dance invitation
If you would like to dance with someone, ask them to dance. If you are a person who feels uneasy asking people to dance, try standing near the dance floor with a smile and look like you want to dance.

Interrupting conversations to ask someone to dance
Many people feel that if you are not dancing, you are available to be asked to dance. Some people gauge availability to dance by how close you are to the dance floor. If you do not want to dance, want to converse and not be interrupted, or just need to take a break and rest, move away from the dance floor to the edge of the room or go outside. If you feel that you must interrupt, be sensitive to the level of intensity of the conversation. If it seems to be small talk, excuse yourself before asking the person to dance and if they acquiesce, allow them a few moments to gracefully finish the conversation.

Turning people down
It's OK to say No. If you turn someone down (because you are tired or for your own personal reasons) thank the person for asking. If you are tired, offering to dance with them later might be appropriate. If you tell someone you are tired or you are just resting, do not dance that song with someone else. Even if it is your favorite dancer, explain politely that you just turned someone down and they will understand.

Starting a dance
It is customary to escort your partner safely on (and off) the dance floor.

Dancing at your partner's level
For lead and follow social dancing the goal is to make sure that your partner has a good time too.

Uncomfortable, inappropriate or dangerous dance moves
If a dance move is uncomfortable, inappropriate or dangerous, it is OK to communicate that to your partner to protect yourself and others. The person may not be aware of the issue. If you prefer not to confront someone directly, please communicate the issue to our staff so that we can help.

Teaching while dancing
Unless specifically asked to do so, please don't teach while dancing.

Apologizing to your partner
This is usually unnecessary. Don't worry about leading or following all the moves perfectly. We are here to learn, visit and have fun.

Dancing close
Different people have different spatial requirements. Please respect your partner's personal space and maintain your own boundries.

Finishing the dance
Thank your partner for the dance and perhaps compliment them. It's polite to escort your partner safely off the dance floor.

When there is a live band
After they finish a song, be sure to applaud to show them you like what they are doing.

When there is a deejay
DJs spend lots of time and money researching and finding the most danceable tunes. If you enjoyed the music they played, let them know.

Sharing the dance floor
Let's all share the dance floor and respect our fellow dancers. Use extra care during times when the floor is crowded. Adjust step size and pattern choices to leave room for others. If you do bump into or step on anyone, please apologize and be more careful. If the dance floor is not large enough for everyone, take turns using the dance floor.

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