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Enlargements & Image Quality

Full size originals are available at a resolution of 3,888 x 2,592 (10.1 megapixels). Uncropped images will look sharp enlarged up to 20"x30". Many of the images have been cropped for better presentation. Most of the cropped images will look sharp enlarged to 8"x10", some to 16"x20", and a few to 20"x30".

The photo album images have been scaled down for efficient viewing over the internet. (Width and heigth constrained to 450 pixels.)

Full size high resolution digital photo files are $5 each. Enlargements in various sizes and quantities are also available. Please contact me for pricing on enlargements.


Ordering is easy. Make a note of the file name of each image you wish to purchase. You'll see the file name displayed in your browser window's title bar, such as "IMG_3366", while you are viewing any individual image. You are welcome to email or phone in your order.

Tim 'DJ TJ' Johnson
The Official Unofficial Photographer of the 2008 Michigan Dance Classic

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