Learn to dance the fun and easy way with DJ TJ. My lessons feature leadable and followable moves along with clean technique and smooth styling. Here are a few of the workshops I'm available to teach:

"The Art Of The Groove"
(Michigan Dance Classic - April 4-6, 2008; Motor City Jam - August 24-26, 2007)
If your interested in musicatlity, this workshop is for you. This is a hands on lesson with some theory. Add more fun to your dance by learning "The Art Of The Groove". To keep it fresh and exciting, we change up the material each time we teach the Art of the Groove.

"Connect Like A Pro" (Second Saturday Swing - February 2003)
Want to dance more? Learn advanced connection techniques that will add to your popularity on the dance floor. This workshop includes vaulable techniques for leaders and followers to enhance your skills and improve the feel of the dance.

"Leverage, Lunges, and Leans" (Second Saturday Swing - April 2003)
Leverage, Lunges, and Leans within your West Coast Swing.

"Dancing With Impact" (West Coast Wednesday - June 8, 2005)
Have you ever observed a crowded dance floor where only a few couples stand out with some rockin' dancing? Learn the secrets. This workshop will add impact to your dancing and add fun to dancing on crowded floors.

"Country Two Step - inside turns" an all levels workshop (Spotlight Dance Challenge & New Years Eve Celebration Dec 28, 2007 - Jan 1, 2008)

"Early Morning Eggbeaters" a Country Two-Step workshop (coming soon!)
Scramble in for an advanced pattern made easy. Learn exciting moves that are better than breakfast.

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