Learn to dance the fun and easy way with DJ TJ.

I enjoy teaching group and private lessons. I specialize in West Coast Swing, Hustle, Country Two-Step and Carolina Shag. I also teach other dances, such as Night-Club Two-Step.

I've been teaching dance lessons for over 17 years. In addition to teaching locally, I also teach in other cities and states.

Private lessons are a great way to learn just what you need to further develop your dance skills. We move at your pace and focus on your interests. With a carefull blend of clear explanation, demonstration, hands on practice, and dancing to music, my students enjoy rapid progress.

• Private lessons are scheduled by appointment 586.446.8888.
• I normally teach in Sterling Heights, MI & Keego Harbor, MI.
• Private lessons are $65 per hour.

Group lessons provide a great way to learn and practice new moves in an economical way. By combining group lessons and private lessons, you can maximize your progress on a budget.

• Group lessons are available weekly at West Coast Wednesday and monthly at Second Saturday Swing.
• I also enjoy traveling to other areas to teach and DJ.
• For more info on group lessons with me, please visit my dance news page.

Many times I recommend Night-Club Two-Step to wedding couples. Night-Club Two-Step was initially developed by Buddy Schwimmer around 1965 in Whitaker, Illinios when Buddy was 15 years old. The dance has gained much popularity and is now common to see at ballroom, country, and swing dances. It fits much of the slow music played at receptions and makes a nice choice as a wedding dance.

With 3 to 5 private lessons, my Night-Club Two-Step students dance smoothly and elegantly to impress their guests. You'll enjoy your investment in this dance for a lifetime since it fits much of the slow dance music typically played at receptions and parties.

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