Becky 'West Coast Swing' Larson
Professional Dance Instructor
Becky is a natural teacher. Her father was a high school teacher, her sister is a teacher, her grandmother was a teacher, two uncles were teachers and an aunt that was a teacher. Growing up with teachers gave her natural teaching skills. Becky started teaching in 6th grade through a special project in which she taught a couple of English and grammar lessons to the 4th graders after she prepared her own lesson plans and homework assignments. Later in life, Becky has taught software and hardware, dental seminars, and photo processing equipment. She enjoys helping people learn new skills. She talks about teaching college classes as a future goal. In short, Becky loves to teach, and she is very good at it too.

Becky is a winner. She took 2nd place in the first dance contest she entered along with me, Tim 'DJ TJ' Johnson. She has been making me look good ever since. She now competes nationally at the advanced level and places in contests regularly.

Lessons with Becky are fun in addition to informative. It is easy to see why her lesson slots fill up quickly.

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