Kippy Measurement
How to accurately measure for your Kippy

(1) Select and wear the pants or outfit that best represents the type of clothes that you plan to wear with your new Kippy belt.

(2) Put on one of your belts that fits well with the outfit and wear the belt at the position that you plan to wear your new Kippy.

(3) Keep track of which belt hole you put the buckle pin through for measurement purposes.

(4) Take the belt off (keeping track of the belt hole you used)

(5) Measure from the belt hole, past the end of the belt strap, past the opening of the buckle, to the inside edge of the buckle, where the belt strap would contact the buckle if you were wearing it.

The fit is based on the length of the Belt from the belt hole in the belt strap which you put the buckle pin through, to the place where that belt hole fits against the inside edge of outer side of the buckle (where the buckle pin goes through the belt hole). It's easy to do and tricky to explain.

Please do not use the waist size printed on your clothing. Your waist measurement will most likely turn out to be larger than the size printed on most clothing. (My Levi's have either 33 or 34 inches printed on the label for my waist size. My own six Kippys are size 35/36" (positions of the middle two holes) and fit me perfectly. I guess the clothing companies want you to feel good about your waist size. I though I had a 33 to 34 inch waist and it is really 35 to 36 inches...

If you would like clarification on our measurement instructions, please email us.

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