Digitizing Records - Vinyl to CD transfers

If you own a record that is not available on Compact Disc, I can digitize it for you. I start by carefully cleaning each record with the Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner and brushes for the sound you thought you bought.

Before and after each play, I dry brush the record with a carbon fiber brush.

On the first few plays after cleaing with Miracle Record Cleaner, the stylus tends to pick up any remaining material in the groove, thanks to improved tracking. In addition to completing the cleaning proess, the first few plays are useful in setting the recording gain to an optimum level. After each play, I like to brush the stylus with a carbon fiber stylus brush.

I'm equally careful in handling records and recording equipment.

Tim 'DJ TJ' Johnson
I record with a Technics SL-1210 M3D direct drive turntable combined with a Shure V15VxMR cartidge. I use the phono preamp on my Carver integrated amplifier, which I connect with Monster Cable to my Apple PowerBook G4. I use professional software to digitize albums and edit them into separate digital tracks. I use SoundSoap for extra clean recordings.

Records are inserted into archival quality anti-static protective sheaths before being slid back into their orginal covers to be returned to you.

For a nice finishing touch, I scan the album artwork, back cover details, and any inserts. After scanning, I use Photoshop to create CD inserts.

Technics SL-1210 M3D
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