The Electronic DJ
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Home and Professional DJ Version Features:
• Comprehensive Album data storage
• The serial interface between the computer and CD changers is compatible with Macintosh and Windows
• Supports 1 to 8 CD Changers by either Pioneer and Sony (2 are recommended for uninterupted playback)
• In the case your computer unexpectedly crashes, the current song will continue to play
• Integrated databases storing information about CD's, CD Changers
• Song rating system

Professional DJ Version Only:
• Beats Per Minute Meter
• Integrated contact manager
• Each contact has a favorite song list
• Contact list statistics feature generates a text file of contact list statisitics
• Event database with a log can automatically log what music was played at each event
• Advanced searching capability
• Dance list with danceability rating for each song
• Hierarcical clickable sounds list lets see and play your own collection of sound effects
• Music statisitcs feature generates a HTML music statistics file for use on web sites

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