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Blues & Country Night • West Coast Swing Jack & Jill
Friday, December 4, 2009

1st Place • Rachel Tucker & Danny Burton
2nd Place • Roxanne Swisz & John P
3rd Place • Robin Tittley & Jon Ackerman

Swing & Hustle Party • Hustle Jack & Jill
Saturday, December 5, 2009

1st Place • Judalyn Weeks & Dave Cuozzo
2nd Place • Val Young & Bob Keener
3rd Place • Geri Smith & Bob Keener

Celebrating 10 years of West Coast Wednesday
Wednesday November 18, 1998 - Wednesday November 19, 2008

Hank Welch • The person most responsible for getting something started that became West Coast Wednesday

Thank You!H

Ken Bonneville • Your support kept West Coast Wednesday going through the toughest of times

Thank You!H

Becky Larson • The secret ingredient of West Coast Wednesday

Thank you for all your contributions to the dance community!H

Tim Johnson • Living my dream • Sharing My Passion

10 years of West Coast Wednesday!H


We all had a great time celebrating 10 years of hosting dances and my first 10 years as a professional DJ at Blues and Country Night on June 20th, 2008. With 93 dancers in attendance, it was a great time! • Tim 'DJ TJ' Johnson - Dance Fanatics


West Coast Wednesday Halloween Jack & Jill
Friday, October 31, 2007

1st Place • Chris Amberg & Tony Sumcad
2nd Place • Rachel Tucker & Tom Pogros
3rd Place • Geri Smith & John Hartig


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