3rd Annual
Spring 2003!
Friday, May 2nd to Sunday, May 4th, 2003

= Thank You !! =

We extend our gratitude to each our 255 Spring Swing 2003 attendees. You
traveled from 15 different states across the United States of America and
also from Canada to have fun dancing with us here in Michigan!

We very much enjoyed your company and participation at Spring Swing 2003.
Our Friday night dance performances were inspirational. We had excellent
participation in all of our dance contests, and the crowd loved watching
them. We enjoyed Friday night dancing until 5:30 AM on Saturday morning,
and Saturday night dancing until 6:00 AM on Sunday morning. All 10 of our
workshops were well attended, even the 10 AM workshops!

We extend additional gratitude to the entire Spring Swing staff both for
doing an excellent job and for all your extra efforts.

In short, we thank each and every one of you for your participation in
Spring Swing, making our event reach a level new level of fun. This is the
kind of fun that Dance Fanatics is all about.

Thank you all,
Dance Fanatics

= Photos & Video's

If you took any digital photos at Spring Swing that you would like to see on
our web site, we would love for you to email us copies of them.

We are also collecting Spring Swing bootlegs and prints from film. If you
made a bootleg of Spring Swing or took pictures and are willing to mail us
copies, please let us know by email so that we can make arrangements to
reimburse you.

= Spring Swing 2003 Competition results =

We awarded a total of $2000 in cash prizes to our competitors. We also
awarded 30 Spring Swing trophies, 1 to each dancer in the top 3 placements
of each of our Jack & Jill West Coast Swing and Hustle divisions.

Dance Fanatics, a proud professional member of the World Swing Dance
Council, awarded WSDC points for the West Coast Swing Jack & Jill divisions
of Spring Swing 2003. Shortly after Spring Swing concluded We submitted
these points to the World Swing Dance Council points registry.

For all our West Coast Swing Jack & Jill contests, we awarded all entry fees
back to the competitors, less the $1 surcharge per Jack & Jill contestant
which we sent to the World Swing Dance Council in support of the WSDC
registry. In total, we paid $74 to the WSDC in support of the registry.

For all our Hustle Jack & Jill contests, and our Open Strictly Swing
contest, we awarded all entry fees back to the competitors.

Novice WCS Jack & Jill Finals - $290 awarded! + 6 trophies
Placement - Novice WCS Jack & Jill Final - WSDC Points Awarded
1st Place - Andrew Poletto & Karen Brown - 10
2nd Place - Jim Chisholm & Viki Tillotson - 6
3rd Place - Bruce Baker & Kathryn Hughart - 4
4th Place - Tim Tillotson & Amy Crowninshield - 3
5th Place - Gary Gaskins & Cindy Harter - 2
Finalist - Dennis Haydanka & Natalie Poegel - 1
Finalist - Mark Leeser & Leslie Bricker - 1

Intermediate West Coast Swing J&J - $170 awarded! + 6 trophies
Placement - Intermediate West Coast Swing J&J - WSDC Points Awarded
1st Place - Alexander Torres & Sophie Kdep - 10
2nd Place - Cary Pettit & Crystal Fischer - 6
3rd Place - Joe Mascia & Shelley Saxena - 4
4th Place - Paul Cameron & Krissie Brownlee - 3
5th Place - Jesse Cramer & Julie Epplett - 2

Advanced West Coast Swing J&J - $210 awarded! + 6 trophies
Placement - Advanced West Coast Swing J&J - WSDC Points Awarded
1st Place - Jason Barnes & Stacy Diggs - 10
2nd Place - Jimmy Mulligan & Angie Horkman - 6
3rd Place - Fred Price & Tera Vitale - 4
4th Place - Tim Brown & Erica Berg - 3
5th Place - Mike Topel & Lisa Marks - 2

Novice Hustle/Intermediate Hustle - $210 awarded! + 6 trophies
Placement - Novice Hustle Jack & Jill
1st Place - Brett Becker & Shelley Saxena
2nd Place - George Giavasis & Cindy Lehning
3rd Place - Tom Pogros & Crystal Fischer
4th Place - Roland Reaver & Karen Brown
5th Place - Gary Gaskins & Amy Crowninshield

Advanced Jack & Jill Hustle - $160 awarded! + 6 trophies
Placement - Advanced Hustle Jack & Jill
1st Place - Jamey Pietrowiak & Connie Coufal
2nd Place - Ryan Dobbins & Tera Vitale
3rd Place - Jason Barnes & Angie Horkman
4th Place - Ernie Virden & Lisa Marks
5th Place - Cary Pettit & Jill Popvich

Open Strictly Swing - $160 awarded!
Placement - Open Strictly Swing
1st Place - Jamey Pietrowiak & Lisa Marks
2nd Place - Gilbert Rodriguez & Melissa Scarfo
3rd Place - Cary Pettit & Jill Popovich
4th Place - Carpio Robles & Lou Eckens
5th Place - Joe Mascia & Connie Coufal

Invitational Strictly Swing - $800 awarded!
Placement - Invitational Strictly Swing
1st Place - Jeff Vitale & Tera Vitale
2nd Place - Jim Becker & Angie Horkman
3rd Place - Jason Barnes & Stacy Diggs
4th Place - Jimmy Mulligan & Erica Berg
5th Place - Tim Brown & Lori Wahl

= Spring Swing 2003 Feedback =

For those of you who couldn't make it, here is what people had to say about
Spring Swing 2003:

5/5/2003 4:12 PM

WONDERFUL EVENT!!! You all did such a great job with this event! I
couldn't of had a better time. The music was fantastic, the dancing was out
of sight, and everyone was so nice and helpful. Not to mention...the hotel,
WOW - the bed and double shower heads!! (inside joke with the Cleveland
group.) I will be back next year without a doubt. God, I have to wait a
whole year!! Thanks again!! Please come visit us in Cleveland!!



Subject: I would like local, weekend, and distant please :)
5/5/2003 9:51 PM

Hi Tim,

This is Chrissy, the friend of Meg's who got the spectator pass. I was
blown away by the energy and excitement and fun and would love to be on
the mailing lists. I am going to be looking for some things around
Windsor in the near future. Thank you again so much for your help and

Have a beautiful day!

:) C


Subject: post Spring Swing in Detroit
Mon, 5 May 2003 15:40:08 -0700

Hello Becky,

Sharlot and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Spring Swing. You, Jason,
Tim, and the Dance Fanatics crew put on a fun event. Please pass our
congratulations to your team.

You have many professionals to choose from and we are honored that you chose
to include us in your event as a part of the staff. Do keep us in mind for
2004. We would love to return.

Best Regards,
Wayne and Sharlot


Subject: Spring Swing
Date: 5/6/2003 10:13 AM

Hi Dance Fanatics,

I just had to send you a note to thank you for such a phenomenal time at
your event! It was very obvious the amount of effort that went into the
entire weekend.

I can't wait until next year!

Many Thanks!



5/6/2003 8:03 PM


Once again, let me tell you how much I loved the event. I even spoke to
Sharlot yesterday and she stated again that she had a great time and really
like the event.




5/6/2003 8:05 PM

Thank you for all your hard work. The event was a total success in my eyes
(as always). You're event is always so much fun. It's definitely one of my

See you on the dance floor,



Subject: thank you
5/8/2003 1:48 AM

for a great hotel, amazing music, nice friends, and asking me to come. you
guys run a wonderful event, and work hard to make it everyone happy! thank
you for a memorable weekend! the hotel food was unreal! yummy (expensive
but well worth it!)

i will be at indy swing. hope to catch you there!



5/8/2003 7:17 PM
Subject: Thank You!!!

Jason, Becky, Tim,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being asked to judge at
your event!!! Each one of you came up to me several times during the
convention and told me how much you appreciate me. It sure felt good!!!
Thank you.

You had a few little problems this year .... , but all of you really pulled
off a wonderful event!!! It was very professional and well run. It was
obvious that you put a LOT of time and effort into the planning to organize
the pieces. You did Good! You did REALLY GOOD!!! You should be proud.

I was happy to see that you had a nice size turn out this year. So many
people are watching every penny this year and in general are staying closer
to home. I hear that from people all over the nation about conventions all
over the country. Yet you managed to pull together a good group of people.
Way to go! Some of the best (by that I mean nicest - friendly) people from
around the Midwest showed up. The fact that so many 'nice' good dancers
showed up will mean that the people who came will go home and talk about how
nice the people were and how much fun they had. Guess it is no surprise
that if people feel good about their weekend, they will talk and they will
return. I think you set yourself up to draw more people next year.
Again... you did GOOD!!!

Thank you all again for inviting me to be a part of your event! Dawn


Subject: Re: Spring Swing 2003 News...
5/10/2003 6:51 PM

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to tell you what a great weekend Spring Swing was!! You did a
great job; the music was awesome, and everything went smooth and on time!!
Thanks for letting me be a part of the whole thing.

See you soon,



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