Our History

How we got started...

We traveled to some out of town dance conventions and were very impressed with the quality of instruction, music, social dancing and dance floors. We wanted to bring the experience to Michigan and share it with others.

The beginnings of DJ TJ...

Early in April 1998, we attended the American Swing Dance Championship. Tim met a very nice lady, Judy Collins, a Dee Jay from North Carolina and owner of Judy's House Of Oldies. Judy offers a large selection of great music for West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag, and many other dances. We ended up with 49 CD’s. Judy picked out many great CD’s for us. Bill Cameron recommended several excellent CD's also.

The long drive back to Michigan was spent listening to and evaluating many of the 49 great CD’s Tim had recently acquired. Since the name, Tim Johnson, is fairly common, Tim decided to choose a DJ alias that would be a little more interesting. Since one of Tim's favorite dances is Two-Step, he thought using his first and middle name would fit in well with country tradition. Enter DJ Timothy Michael.

Like a club with no dues...

We though it would be cool to start a dance club focusing on swing and country dance. In support of the 3 swing dance clubs in the area (Great Lakes Swing Dance Club (GLSDC), Michigan Swing and Hustle Association (MSDA), and the Michigan Society for Swing and Hustle Dancers (MSSHD), we decided our dance organization should be like a dance club with no dues. On May 7, 1998, our dance organization became official.

We wanted a simple name that captured our dance philosophy. Becky came up with Dance Fanatics.

We hosted our first dance on Saturday, June 20th, 1998 and I've been DJ'ing and hosting dances ever since.

January 12, 1999 www.DanceFanatics.com was born.

The Making Of A Logo...

We thought it would be cool to have a custom logo. Tim, a doityourselfer, spend many late night hours designing our logo.

Dance Fanatics

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